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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blue Friday

Blue Friday is my second novel in progress. Here Durram tries to sort out her insurance claim on the phone with the help of a bit of scarism.

Not strictly true to the novel as limited with the graphics as Durram is in hospital after having her legs blown off - whoops SPOILER ALERT - are you supposed to put that before the text? And as you can't hear the other side of the conversation I've made it all a bit silly - sorry couldn't help it.

Anyway really enjoying writing Blue Friday - about a third of the way through now and it's all about a society in the future where working hours are strictly controlled by the government and follows Leviticus, the leader of the Underground Overtime Network.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Remember How to Die

Here's a poem I wrote from about 3 years ago - not sure about it - but it was my most succesful video with over 25 thousand hits

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Beano: A Writer's Notebook

This is the notebook I'm using for my second novel, Blue Friday.

It's the kind of literary atmosphere I now live in - impressive eh? 

I'm sure some people type everything up in nice neat lines in boring folders but my outlines, character studies, background information etc are all scribbled in my own fair hand within the pages of this Beano notepad.  It's a mess, which is odd as I'm often obsessively tidy but there you go - it's a glimpse into my head I suppose, which is why it's best you get the filtered finished novels not the horrors and bad bahavoir that lie beneath these pages keeping the Bash Street Kids and Dennis the Menace company.

Thanks to my mate Charlie for giving the notepad to me last Xmas - anything to get a mention in the next book eh Charlie!?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Keane: Spiralling

Here's a little alternative video for Keane's Spiralling that I cut together a few years ago.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Copyright Road

Here's a fun game of seeking permission to quote the lyrics to Echo and the Bunnymen's Bring on the Dancing Horses at the start of The Ascent of Isaac Steward.
( See my original post here. ) ...

Echo and The Bunnymen official website say go forward 3 spaces to Warner Brothers.
Warner Brothers' still clip and licensing department say miss a go whilst we take a look.
Warner brothers say we don't hold the rights, try Paramount as the song was used in The Pretty in Pink Song - go back one space.
Paramount say miss a go whilst we have a think.
Paramount say you need to ask PRS for music go forward 6 spaces.
Passed GO! on the way and earned £200.00.
PRS said miss a go whilst we take a look.
PRS said according to our systems this song is registered as being published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd - go forward one space to Warner Chappell Music.
Warner Chappell Music say advance to GO! they are the correct people to deal with. ( Yeah at last ! )
Warner Chappell Music agree a fee to use the lyrics subject to the song writer's approval - pay bank £X.
Warner Chappell Music say Echo & The Bunnymen say no you can't quote them - end of game you loose.

Snakes and Ladders anyone?